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Finding back performance, Gaining the confidence of a young tiger by naturally boosting testosterone level.

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C26 a natural testosterone booster, enjoy life the way it was meant to be

  • Get in Shape Increases muscle mass and lose excess weight - regulate insulin, glucose and fat

    Get in Shape
  • Energy Surge Improved mood, sharpened mind and self-confidence

    Energy Surge
  • Healthy Heart

    Healthy heart
  • Healthy libido Have the male virility back with proven natural testosterone booster

    Healthy libido
  • Improve cognitive ability Better verbal memory, spatial abilities, and logical reasoning

    Improve cognitive ability
  • Sturdy bones

    Sturdy bones

The peak of testosterone for a man is between 25 and 30 years old, then gradually decreases with age. This causes a physical transformation with weight gain located at belly fat, decreased muscle mass, bone fragility, hair loss and decreased sexual desire. There is a solution! Boost your testosterone levels with natural testosterone boosters to stimulate the body's natu­ral synthesis of testosterone.

Increase your testosterone level and enjoy life the way it was meant to be.

Increase your testosterone level

  • Optimize physical performance Sharp energy and strength
  • Muscle gain Better, Faster, Stronger
  • Better mood Confidence, Fast, Sharp, on point
  • Better sexuality Endurance, performance, stamina
  • Faster recovery Faster metabolism and muscle recovery
  • Cardiovascular health Stronger and healthy heart Stronger and healthy heart
  • 100 % natural without prescription
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Testosterone is a steroid hormone that greatly increases your physical and sexual energy through the fusion the vitality of our endocrine system, adrenal and sexual glands, as well as our immune system.

Testosterone is a powerful hormone, naturally increasing muscle mass and strength toning lean and sharp muscles under tight our tight skin thanks to the active energy cellules. Testosterone doesn't just stop here, it also works on basal metabolism (resting energy metabolism) and aerobic metabolism.

Scientific studies have demonstrated that testosterone supplementation naturally boosts physical resistance and endurance when exercising through the oxygenation of cells, with the added quick recovery of power.

The higher your testosterone level, the stronger you are. Be that man.
100% natural testosterone booster Clinically proven ingredients

Ingredients 100% Natural

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Discover the incredible ingredients behind our formulation and how these bioactive compounds work synergistically to boost your testosterone levels — naturally, safely and quickly.

How it works

What is Testosterone?

Testosterone is the primary male sex hormone, naturally created and formed within Leydigs cell found in both man and woman. Through the dynamic mix of both hypothalamus and pituitary gland combined the production of testosterone is activated. It exerts its action through binding to and activation of the androgen receptor. In male humans, testosterone plays a key role in the development of male reproductive tissues such as testes and prostate, as well as promoting secondary sexual characteristics.

Testosterone molecule


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What does it do?

Muscle building

For muscle

Testosterone is an essential part of our health, active throughout our cells, bones and sexual life. Testosterone is the soul of the development of muscle mass, is it a significant resource to a man's physic and offers countless secondary changes such as increased testicle and penis size, hair growth, or higher sperm count. Testosterones receptor are essentially found in muscles, and so a drop-in testosterones level could not only decrease your general muscle mass and strength but also weaken your heart - the heart being the number one receptor in testosterones.

Testosterones increases protein supply and maintains the development of a strong and performing heart. Lowering testosterones levels showed to actively affect the heart's condition then affecting muscles, about 70% of patients under testosterone care see an improved cardiovascular health.

For sturdy bones

For bones

Testosterone is not only responsible for maintaining muscle mass, but also bone mass. A drop in testosterone confronts the body with the risk of fracture, especially of the hip. A testosterone deficiency was found in 71 % of those with hip fractures compared to 32% in controlled subjects with a mean age of 73 years.

Observations have shown that testosterone equally have an impact of bone mass, and consequently a peak in testosterone decreases the chance of bone fractures, it has been found that in 71 % of men aged over 73 years old have had experiences hip fractures due to a low level of testosterones.

Enhance libido

For libido

For women, testosterone is involved in the libido whereas for men it is necessary for erection and ejaculation. The lack testosterone lead to a poor quality of a male and female sexual life. 25% - 30% of people experiencing poor sexual life have shown low testosterone levels.

Regulation of insulin, sugar and fat

For the regulation of insulin, sugar and fat

On the other hand, testosterone participates in the regulation of insulin, sugar, and fat. Testosterone is essential for the proper functioning of carbohydrate and lipid metabolism. It lowers total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol). Low levels of testosterone have been linked to higher levels of insulin, cholesterol, triglycerides and apolipoprotein B.

Action mechanism

Action mechanism

Testosterone is transported in the blood plasma via transport proteins such as TeBG (Testosterone Binding Globulin) or SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin), but testosterone can also travel freely and directly attach to cell receptors and then be incorporated and activated. There is a balance between the testosterone fraction connected to SHBG and the free fraction. Only free testosterone and that bound to albumin are biologically active.

Energy surge

For mood

Studies have shown that men depressions are consistently associated with testosterone deficiency. Behaviourally speaking, testosterone helps facilitate and understand issues one may face every day.

This testosterone deficiency is also responsible for the rise in anxiety or fear in both men and woman, causing mood swings, low confidence and low creativity. All correlated make for a creepy development of lousy life.

Testosterone and memory, go hand in hand, in both men and women, a higher rate of testosterone is a source of better spatial memory for a better execution of movements in space with greater precision. Testosterone supply can increase the size and number of synapses (where the neurons connect) all while thickening and fortifying the myelin sheath that surrounds and protects the axons of neurons. Testosterone has also proven its effect on sleep consequently higher levels of testosterone have deeper and more consistent sleep. More than 60% of men with testosterone deficiency complain of sleep disorders.